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[Hawke and Bethany backstory, canon for Entanglement]

And then it was over. Or beginning, depending on your point of view. As far as Hawke was concerned, it was over. It wasn't a relief, just a cold, dim thing at the back of her chest, buried under layers of numbness and exhaustion. The night had thrown too many blows at her for anything else to surface, and the physical blows had been the least of them. Though there'd been plenty of those. How many times had Bethany and Anders had to heal her? It was a wonder either of them had any mana left, if they did.


Hawke looked around. He was behind her, still at the edge of the Gallows Courtyard, hesitating. Their eyes met for one long, pained moment, and if there was a question in his gaze she couldn't answer it. Her attention was distracted by Aveline stepping forward, clearly intending to make an arrest, and Hawke thrust out an arm, stopping her, transferring her gaze to the guard-captain. There was a silent argument, which Hawke won; by the time she looked back, Anders was gone.

She didn't follow.

They all gradually split up after that. Isabela told Hawke that the invitation to join her on the ship she'd taken from Castillion's ship still stood, if she showed up by daybreak. Fenris said he needed some time to travel alone. Aveline went to find Donnic. And so on, some with promises to find her later, some not. Until it was just her and Teo.

And Bethany.

"We should go home," Hawke said to her sister. "See what's left. Make sure Bodahn and Sandal and Orana are all right. And Gamlen." She couldn't even muster up a joke about Gamlen, that's how tired she was.

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Bethany was silent, merely nodding as she fell in step with her sister. The joke died on her tongue too; after the devastation of the day it was hardly surprising.

It wasn't as if Bethany Hawke was a stranger to destruction. She'd traveled with the Wardens now for too long to be a green girl sickened by death. Today wasn't so different, even if she knew the players far better than before.

What had her quiet was a gnawing worry in the pit of her stomach for her sister. Bethany knew how one's life could suddenly spiral out of control far better than most. She was very worried that Marian would refuse to confront it, and that would only be worse in the long run.

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With every hand reaching out for her sister's help, Bethany's heart broke more. It wasn't fair, after everything she had been through that people still wanted Hawke to somehow magically fix their problems. The world didn't work that way.

But she was silent, because the last thing Marian needed was another fight with her sister.

She followed her sister into the house, finally breaking her silence.

"Marian, you know we can't stay here. Cullen has given us a head start; we need to use it." Her voice was soft, but there was a hint of steel under it. Of command.

"We need to get anything you want to take with us, make sure that the servants are able to find shelter, and leave."

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"They do. I'm investigating the unrest, officially, although without a viscount you can imagine how official that actually is."

Being in the house was oddly detached experience. There were items that would remind her of happier times with Marian, or more painfully of Mother, but Bethany had never lived here. She couldn't help the odd, out of place amusement of it. How badly had she wanted to, all those months in Dustown. Now that she was here, it felt so wrong.

The little girl had grown up, and the princess positions had all been filled.

"Do you have trunks? We can't overburden ourselves but supplies will be needed." She left it unspoken that any personal possessions would need to be few.

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Bethany didn't reply, since the interruption by Bodahn and Sandal needed to take priority. They needed to be on their way as quickly as anyone. When Marian had sent them off, Bethany finally answered.

"I will report back immediately; they'll need to get the correct version rather than whatever official version the Templar come up with. But I cannot tell you where, sister. You'll have to trust me that I'll meet up with you and Isabela and the others as soon as I can."

Her expression was calm, and she wasn't intending confrontation. But she had her orders. And no matter how badly she wanted to keep an eye on her sister, Bethany knew that Marian needed to make herself scarce and fast.

"Besides, a Warden is more notable than a random traveling woman. Outside of Kirkwall you shouldn't be noticed."

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There was nothing personal Bethany kept. She had one effect; a necklace her parents had given her on a Feastday as a child, which she'd managed to keep all through her training. Stroud would have liked to force her to give it up, but the Wardens of Vigil's Keep where she completed most of her initiation were kinder. Everything in this house was long forgotten, and she couldn't bring herself to rip open more scars than she already had tonight.

"What about the others?" Bethany surprised herself by asking after a silence. The truth is she only wondered about Anders. Betrayal, anger and regret fought for equal footing as she thought about her former mentor. True, she'd never make a healer, but early on she'd learned a few basic healing magics. After all, Marian and Carver both made that almost mandatory. But Anders had been her friend, the only person she had known in Kirkwall who understood why she was so intent to remain free.

As angry as she had been at first to be forced into the Wardens, it had grown into her home and her true calling. She owed that to Marian and Anders in equal measures. Now she honestly wondered how much of Anders was even left.

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There were signs here too, and it broke Bethany's heart again even as she had been sure there was no more ways it could. She knew Anders and her sister had been lovers; it was hardly a secret. As badly as Bethany had been betrayed, it utterly paled compared to what Marian must be feeling.

She knew her sister well enough to be worried about her next plans. Going it alone would be tempting, and if she had already made up her mind there hardly would be anything Bethany could say to change it.

Didn't mean she wouldn't try. Baby sisters rarely lacked for persistence.

"You aren't alone, at least," Bethany said, her voice equal parts light-hearted fondness and that same thread of command. "You know Isabela and Aveline will never desert you, and considering Fenris just stood beside you to fight for mages I can't see him going anywhere. Merrill and Varric are stalwart too."

Bethany looked at her sister with an even, measured gaze. "You are blessed in your friends, Marian."

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For a brief moment, Bethany was surprised by the white-hot anger that rushed over her. She was angry at Marian for always believing it was all on her to solve everyone else's problems, angry at herself and anyone else who had reinforced it, angry at Anders for adding a whole other layer of guilt and responsibility to her sister's shoulders and angry at this damned city for tearing her family to shreds.

But in the back of her mind, Bethany knew there just wasn't time.

Walking forward, she angled herself in front of her sister's line of vision. "Someday, and I hope it's soon for your sake, you'll see that what we really expect of you. But know now I love you, sister. And I will find you."

She gave her a quick, fierce hug before pulling her own cloak back on and leaving as quickly as she could. If she made good time she could be to the Warden's outpost by nightfall and heading to Ferelden before the next dawn.

There would be time for rest later. A Warden constitution was a blessing, and she worried about her sister going so alone. Maker watch her until they met again.

And they would, undoubtedly. He wasn't done with either of them yet.


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