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[Hawke and Bethany backstory, canon for Entanglement]

And then it was over. Or beginning, depending on your point of view. As far as Hawke was concerned, it was over. It wasn't a relief, just a cold, dim thing at the back of her chest, buried under layers of numbness and exhaustion. The night had thrown too many blows at her for anything else to surface, and the physical blows had been the least of them. Though there'd been plenty of those. How many times had Bethany and Anders had to heal her? It was a wonder either of them had any mana left, if they did.


Hawke looked around. He was behind her, still at the edge of the Gallows Courtyard, hesitating. Their eyes met for one long, pained moment, and if there was a question in his gaze she couldn't answer it. Her attention was distracted by Aveline stepping forward, clearly intending to make an arrest, and Hawke thrust out an arm, stopping her, transferring her gaze to the guard-captain. There was a silent argument, which Hawke won; by the time she looked back, Anders was gone.

She didn't follow.

They all gradually split up after that. Isabela told Hawke that the invitation to join her on the ship she'd taken from Castillion's ship still stood, if she showed up by daybreak. Fenris said he needed some time to travel alone. Aveline went to find Donnic. And so on, some with promises to find her later, some not. Until it was just her and Teo.

And Bethany.

"We should go home," Hawke said to her sister. "See what's left. Make sure Bodahn and Sandal and Orana are all right. And Gamlen." She couldn't even muster up a joke about Gamlen, that's how tired she was.
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