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Traveling was something the Inquisitor actually liked about his job. As a Dalish, the open road just felt right, even if he was traveling on a hart rather than in an aravel. Adamant Fortress was nearly two weeks away from Skyhold, but they had made good progress so far and the weather had been surprisingly decent through both Ferelden and Orlais. They had mostly been traveling on the Imperial Highway, and it has been blessedly empty of Corypheus' forces. Just plenty of refugees.

...he would honestly never be used to people bowing to him.

When they stopped for the night about a day from Montsimmard, Mahanon took a moment to stretch his legs after caring for Ghilan. The large scar on one leg that he had gotten after Haven was destroyed didn't like being in the saddle for hours on end, but it was nothing he couldn't take with a few stretches and a cup of tea. Maybe some food, too - he wasn't sure when he had eaten last.

Speaking of, the mage made his way over to one of the fires lit for cooking, pleased to see that food and warm water was already there for him. Sinking down on a fur next to it, he noticed that he had the Champion - Hawke - as company by the fire. The rogue was a fascinating person who Varric did nothing but praise, but Mahanon hadn't really had time to get to know her other than plan-related discussions and brief pleasantries.

A smart woman with biting wit and good ideas. Surprising amounts of humor, too. He could definitely see what Varric liked about her. The elf gave her a little nod and a smile, unstrapping his staff for a less cumbersome seat. "Hawke. How is traveling with us treating you so far?"

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Hawke had kept herself somewhat apart from the Inquisition. She was here as an ally, yes, for her knowledge and because Corypheus was her responsibility, but she didn't consider herself part of the crowd. She'd gone to some pains to keep a low profile, spending most of her time with Varric or on the sidelines. When pressed, she introduced herself as a sword-for-hire named Marian, which had the benefit of being true if woefully incomplete.

Hell of a time to reclaim her old name, but 'Hawke' was much too recognizeable, and 'Champion of Kirkwall' was worse. She wasn't the Champion anymore, and had no wish to face the attention, condemnation, or worst of all the possible admiration her real identity would inspire. She'd kill Varric for writing that book if she didn't like him so damn much.

Mahanon had respected her wish to keep her presence here quiet, for which she was grateful. She hadn't had interacted very much with his inner circle. Even so, it was...good, to be here, part of a group. It'd taken Hawke longer to get used to traveling along than it had to get used to using her old name, after a lifetime of surrounding herself with family and friends. It was nice to have people to watch her back again, for a while.

And it was good to have a solid goal. Wandering around taking coin for blade work kept her going and kept her on the move enough to hide her from Chantry hunters, but it wasn't her style. She was used to having work to do. Others might be nervous about the coming battle. Hawke was relieved.

So she sat relaxed by the fire, leaning against Teo and occasionally feeding him pieces of her own dinner (as though he hadn't had enough of his own; of course he had, but he begged shamelessly all the same). Mahanon got a smile as he approached. She liked what she knew of the Inquisitor. He was remarkably humble for someone in his position, quiet and intelligent. And he'd earned Varric's respect, which went a long way in her eyes.

She lifted her own plate of food and grinned. "Very well, thank you. I can't tell you how good it is to not be eating my own cooking. I can only manage Ferelden-style: toss everything into a stewpot and boil until it tastes like nothing." The meal was hardly the best of Orlesian cuisine--it was army fare, after all--but it still beat what she usually ate.
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That they were facing Grey Wardens wasn't the surprise to Hawke that it was to everyone. She remembered very well what had happened to Anders in the Deep Roads. It was one of the reasons she was here. Corypheus, red lyrium, Samson...it was hard to miss how many of the things currently troubling the Inquisition connected back to her. If she were suspicious, she'd wonder if she were a jinx. Since she wasn't, it just made her more determined to do something about them.

A smile crossed her face, made of equal parts affection and exasperation. "Merrill," she confirmed. "She cooked for me a few times. It was pretty good." Though that didn't say much either, since a lot of what she'd eaten in those days had been Enchantment Stew. Not much of a basis for comparison.

She eyed Mahanon sidelong. "She was much more willing to be friendly towards shemlen than most of the rest of her clan." She used the word in full knowledge of what it meant, all the connotations. "Like you. Is your clan more accepting of humans, or is it just you?" Her mouth quirked. "Or is it making a virtue of necessity? I'm afraid you're stuck with us, given the situation."

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"A Dalish clan in a human city? There's something I never thought to hear." She remembers what the alienage was like the day Marethari visited. Merrill had been astonishing enough to them, but Marethari had been a walking legend. The awe and wonder had been palpable.

She wonders how it will change the elves, to have the Dalish interacting with their lost kin, and wonders more how it will change them to be able to affect human politics. Hopefully it'll shake elves and humans both out of some of their prejudices. That would be good.

Though she won't hold her breath waiting for it.

Still, they can take steps, like what she's going now. "You can certainly say that again." She grins and counts off on her fingers. "Elves, humans, dwarves, Qunari, whatever that strange boy is..." What's his name again? Con? Colin? It's annoying how she never seems able to remember. "You've got a full set in your Inquisition. No wonder it's so popular. I expect any day now you'll recruit a dragon."

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"A spirit?" Hawke had personal reasons for finding that interesting, even if they weren't really relevant by this point. "That's a good trick. He's pretty solid for a spirit. How'd he manage that?"

She assumed it was some other way than by possessing someone and being an abomination, or else it'd have been put like that.

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Justice would count, no doubt. But Hawke doesn't discuss Justice, or the man it inhabits, not even with people she likes. Varric, maybe, or any of the others if she ever ran into them. But no one new. No one who didn't know him at the time.

"Nothing so uncomplicated," she answers smootthly, which is true if misleading. "Ghosts, once, or something weirdly like them. And scores of blood mages and demons." She shakes her head. "Moral of the story: don't weaken the Veil under your city. Pity the magisters who built the place didn't learn that one."


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