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Traveling was something the Inquisitor actually liked about his job. As a Dalish, the open road just felt right, even if he was traveling on a hart rather than in an aravel. Adamant Fortress was nearly two weeks away from Skyhold, but they had made good progress so far and the weather had been surprisingly decent through both Ferelden and Orlais. They had mostly been traveling on the Imperial Highway, and it has been blessedly empty of Corypheus' forces. Just plenty of refugees.

...he would honestly never be used to people bowing to him.

When they stopped for the night about a day from Montsimmard, Mahanon took a moment to stretch his legs after caring for Ghilan. The large scar on one leg that he had gotten after Haven was destroyed didn't like being in the saddle for hours on end, but it was nothing he couldn't take with a few stretches and a cup of tea. Maybe some food, too - he wasn't sure when he had eaten last.

Speaking of, the mage made his way over to one of the fires lit for cooking, pleased to see that food and warm water was already there for him. Sinking down on a fur next to it, he noticed that he had the Champion - Hawke - as company by the fire. The rogue was a fascinating person who Varric did nothing but praise, but Mahanon hadn't really had time to get to know her other than plan-related discussions and brief pleasantries.

A smart woman with biting wit and good ideas. Surprising amounts of humor, too. He could definitely see what Varric liked about her. The elf gave her a little nod and a smile, unstrapping his staff for a less cumbersome seat. "Hawke. How is traveling with us treating you so far?"
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