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Want to tag someone? Tag someone. Put the character you want in the subject line.
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Brilliant ideas and clueless flailing all welcome.
AUs and cross-canon, drama and comedy and shipping.
Just throw stuff at me. It's all good.

Date: 2017-08-29 04:38 pm (UTC)
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[Kael was the incubus equivalent of a wizened old man. In fact, had he been human, he would've been the sort that lived in a magical garden, took in baby woodland creatures, and dispensed advise to wandering protagonists. But, as it was, he instead had three younger sex demons to look after and to occasionally save from rampaging flora and fauna, as well as themselves.]

[It was, in fact, trying to save the three of them from a carnivorous flower that led him to this new realm. Mirari and Orias were at the brink of getting beaten black and blue yet again, and he'd gone in to defend them, but the enemy this time was a mighty one. Even with the combined strengths of the four sex demons, it refused to back down. In the attempt to rescue them, Mirari threw up a portal at random, shoving the weakened Kael into it - only to have put in too little energy to sustain it. It closed right after Kael went through, and he found himself alone, lost, worried about his family, and in dire need of sexual energy.]

[Kael couldn't believe that after millennia of existing as an incubus, he still found himself in such a ridiculous situation. He'd taken to napping on the side of the road - a last ditch attempt to regain strength - before he was rescued by one Hawke. She was clearly distrustful of him but had welcomed him into her home, seeing how battered and weak he was. Like a little baby kitten.]

[Once he'd gotten his head back on straight, he'd explained the situation to her - and had taken to cleaning her entire domicile by way of thanks. He was much slower than usual, as he was running on the last of his reserves, but he couldn't just lie around when someone so kind had saved him.]


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