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Mar. 1st, 2013 11:17 am
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Kirkwall nights are never quiet, particularly in Lowtown. But as Kirkwall nights go, this one isn't bad. Hawke's spent a pleasant evening at the Hanged Man, laughing and drinking piss-poor beer and getting the pants beat off of her (almost literally) by Isabela, who's better at cheating in Wicked Grace than she is. So she's in a fairly mellow mood as she starts her walk home.

Because Kirkwall nights are never quiet, she's not drunk, and she's visibly armed and armored. Because she's Champion, not many people bother her. There are always a few lowlifes around who never learn, who have a vendetta or want to make a name for themselves by trying to take down one of Kirkwall's more visible residents. But no one seems inclined to try tonight.

Hawke's almost sorry. At this rate she'll make it home, go to bed, and the entire day will have passed without anything noteworthy happening at all. That's a rare thing and perhaps she should appreciate it, but Hawke hates being bored. Her eyes dart everywhere as she walks the streets towards Hightown, glancing at rooftops and down alleyways. Admittedly, that's less her looking for something of interest and more prudence. One reason Hawke manages to stay alive is that she puts some effort into being aware of her surroundings.

Besides, she might be wrong about the night not being noteworthy.
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